Who works wood knows that technology is not enough to achieve excellent results, what is important is experience.

This is precisely what distinguishes Caselli Group, a team of experts who, at all levels, care about quality, detail, expertise and enthusiasm in order to meet customers’ requests.

Experience is not only the supply and installation of a machine but a full service to solve all problems and above all prevent future ones thanks to a specialized technical staff and a fully stocked warehouse.


Caselli Group, with its experience spanning over four generations, develops and realizes customised projects offering turnkey products, with assistance and support also after the sale of the machine.


Our technical staff are specialized in working with every type of woodworking machinery: repairs, refinements and retrofits allow the end customer to rely on good quality goods since the machines are dismantled, cleaned, painted and all major parts subject to tear-and-wear replaced.

Mechanical, electrical, electronic and pneumatic components are also checked and tested. But that's not all: safety devices are regularly updated, the machines are manufactured according to customer's specifications and tested before shipping.


Our customers can rely on a call-out service: from installation and staff training, to repairs and replacement of worn or damaged parts.

Our specialized technicians are prompt and punctual, offering our customers their constant assistance.


One of our business goals is to provide full after-sales service. Our shop has readily available spare parts for the best brands, such as SCM Group Spa, Italpresse Engineering, CMA Robotics, Multiair Ceccato and CMS Balestrini.

Tools, tips, spindles, power tools, compressors and much more are also available ranging from spare parts for old machinery to the most sophisticated and state-of-the parts.