Located in San Giovanni al Natisone, Caselli Group has been in the wood industry since 1920: it provides complete machines and machining systems, offering its customers integrated turnkey solutions, thanks to its constant commitment to the designing, creating and manufacturing of components.

The company has a professional business department, constantly updated on the latest innovations, which operates dynamically on the international market. Our professionalism extends also to the after sales service: our store is open to the public, supplies spare parts and accessories of the best brands and assists in choosing the best solutions to meet customers’ requirements.

Our team of specialized technicians provides an emergency service, both in Italy and abroad. All this makes Caselli Group a dynamic partner with all the experience you need!


Year of foundation of the Caselli Fortunato, initially headquartered in San Rocco (UD), later transferred to downtown Udine in Via Savorgnana.


The Patent for the brand Fortunato e Figlio is filed.

Until the mid-1950s, the woodworking sector was based on family-run workshops equipped with basic machinery. At the end of the 1950s the first industrial concern was born, employing up to 150 workers: that was the time when Caselli started supplying not only utensils, but sophisticated machinery, some of it tailor-made for the emerging needs of firms which were beginning to break into international markets.


This is the year when the "Triangolo della Sedia" began its expansion and on September 1, 1966 Caselli Group opened its new branch in San Giovanni al Natisone competing with other 3 companies already established in the area. Being the exclusive agent for the sale of the products "L'Invincibile" the group became one of the best known in the sector.


Three young employees from the sales and admin departments became first partners and then, after the acquisition of part of the company's shares, took control of the company, which became autonomous. This is how the Caselli Federico Spa was born, moving to its present headquarters in October 1979.


Deep technological innovations were launched to meet the new demands arising from a rapid economic development. Caselli started designing machinery for mass production, but without losing the excellent quality typical of small craftsmanship. Thanks to a precious and multi-year collaboration with a local company, CASELLI started from scratch a factory in Canton by supplying 13 containers of ready-made and ready-to-use machinery, templates and all that was needed to start the production of chairs after only 15 days of arrival of the machines on site. In 1982 Caselli took part in the first, INTERBIMALL international fair in Milan.


Caselli started exporting its expertise abroad, opening new international markets, strong in state-of-the-art technology and, above all, in the precious know-how that only experience and commitment can give. The first markets were Spain, France and Portugal and after the fall of the Berlin Wall the company started looking at Eastern Europe as well. The company’s size increased as did Caselli's presence in several countries such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, the former Yugoslavia, Hungary, and the USA thanks to the hiring of local staff.

Collaboration with an important manufacturer of anthropomorphic robots opened Caselli towards a wider market (not just chairs and solid wood furniture) exporting its expertise even as far as Australia.


The company, after almost a century of activity, becomes Caselli Group Spa following a change in top management finding vital lymph and new stimuli with the influx of a new managerial generation.


Caselli Group Spa is leader in woodworking machinery: new machines designed and manufactured ad hoc, in line with technological innovations, supply of both refurbished and non-reconditioned machinery, maintenance and repairs on used machines and specialized technical assistance at international level.

Caselli Group's philosophy has been the same since 1920: supplying high quality solutions. Almost one hundred years of constant commitment to the study, design, construction and supply of customized machines and systems, destined to various sectors of the wood industry.